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September 26-30, 2024

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Capstone StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

FALL 2024


Capstone Education cordially invites you to participate in its annual fall StudyGlobal Education Fairs that features four (4) cities in all three regions of Vietnam. Our fairs are open to all approved and accredited secondary and postsecondary institutions. (Note: US colleges and universities must be regionally accredited.)

There are four participation options:

1. In-person participation: Colleagues travel to Vietnam to represent their institutions.
2. Use of an in-country representative: This includes alumni, parents, and staff. 
3. Online participation: You chat with students and parents with the assistance of Capstone student volunteers. One will be at the venue to greet visitors, collect contact information for follow-up, answer basic questions, and distribute promotional materials and another will be in one of our offices to facilitate the conversation/translation. 
4. Literature only: A carefully selected and trained Capstone student volunteer greets visitors, answers basic questions, collects contact information for follow-up, and distributes promotional materials.

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Only officially approved high schools, officially accredited institutions of higher education and, in the case of the US, regionally accredited colleges and universities, are allowed to join our fairs. This is good both for you and the students/parents who attend our fairs, for whom quality is of paramount importance. Honor by association is a win-win proposition.


The fairs are offered in key primary and secondary markets representing all three regions of Vietnam. Let us know if you have any questions about which cities are most suitable for your institution and its unique profile.

Outreach to local schools

that sends sizable numbers of graduates to study overseas. This includes large group meetings, classroom visits and mini-fairs. (We try to arrange mini-fairs, whenever possible.)

Convenient and quick online registration

and access to important fair-related documents, plus informative pre-fair updates.

Organic attendance

Capstone prides itself on reaching out to and attracting bona fide students to its fairs through quality and ethical digital and offline marketing. 

Post-fair follow-up

Our staff follow up on all leads. including registrants who attended and whose didn’t for whatever reason. We will also translate a message into Vietnamese that you draft for your student contacts, including fairs and school visits – at no additional charge.


We always look for the best fit institutions for students and their parents. In addition, fair attendance is organic.

Free initial advising services

Are provided to all participants. 100% of the advising fee except visa counseling if desired is refunded, if students enroll in a partner school.


Capstone Education is one of Vietnam’s leading educational consulting companies. We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, excellence, and ethical business practices. While our official slogan is Reaching New Heights, we wholeheartedly embrace the unattributed saying, Success Without Integrity is Failure.   

Authoritative country briefing

by Dr. Mark Ashwill, an international educator who has lived and worked in Vietnam since 2005 and first traveled to the country in 1996.




• The Hanoi fair is scheduled from 2:00-6:00 p.m., the HCMC fair from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., and the Haiphong and Danang fair from 4-8 p.m. (GMT +7). All fairs are held in four- and five-star hotels that are well-known to students and parents.
• Domestic transportation: We take a bus from Hanoi to Haiphong and return. We fly from Hanoi to HCMC and HCMC to Danang.
• The fee includes fair registration, student volunteers, full staff support in each city, and ground transportation to related events, including a bus from Haiphong to Hanoi. The country briefing and high school visits are optional. The fee does not include domestic flights or hotels (We're happy to help you make these arrangements - at no charge. We can add the cost to your invoice or bill you separately.) All of the related activities are part of a package, meaning there is no reimbursement, should you decide not to participate in one or more of them.


Multi-city: Three (3) cities: $4,850 USD; Four (4) cities: $6,100
Early bird: 5% if you register by May 15, 2024
Capstone partner: 5%, If you’re not already a partner and are interested in becoming one, please let us know. Ask about our partner benefits.

Note: Institutions that select the literature only option are not eligible for any discounts. 

Deadline was
May 15

Early bird


Capstone partner


After receiving your registration, we will send you an invoice within a week with instructions about the international wire transfer or other method of payment. After you wire the payment to Capstone, please email a scanned version to us at [email protected]
50 days + before the fair: 70% refund.
30-49 days before the fair: 50% refund
0-29 days before the fair: No refund
If payment has not been made at the time of cancellation, Capstone will invoice schools based on this refund policy. By submitting this registration form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms.

Method of payment

Cancellation Policy

An early bird discount of 5% will be applied to your invoice, if payment is received by May 15, 2024.

August 30, 2024

Payment Deadline

Priority Registration Deadline

May 15, 2024

Final Registration Deadline

August 26, 2024

Attendees have the option of registering online, the main advantage of which is streamlined entry to the fair, or on-site registration. Our goal, in the words of one colleague, is “to attract authentic prospective students.” We dot our bureaucratic i’s and cross our t’s, meaning we secure all the necessary permissions from the authorities for the fairs and related activities.

Capstone invests a considerable amount in marketing and promoting its fairs series, including junior high/high school outreach, online marketing, extensive use of social media (e.g., Facebook), email blasts, a promotional video, flyer and poster distribution, phone calls, text messages, and the use of teams of student volunteers in each fair city, and through our own networks, which consist of Vietnamese of means who are interested in sending their children to study overseas.

marketing and promotion


We publish a colorful and informative fair guide that is distributed free of charge to all attendees. Each participating institution will have a free one-page profile in the fair guide. It provides basic information about the institution, including selling points, academic programs, tuition and fees, admission requirements, etc. It also contains articles of interest to students and parents. The digital fair guide is posted on Capstone’s Issuu page. Only institutions that submit their institutional profile by the priority deadline will be included in the fair guide.


We offer four promotional opportunities, in addition to the usual pre-fair publicity, designed to generate additional student and parent interest in your institution.

Translation and In-Country Printing of Promotional Materials

Online Promotion Via Capstone Channels & Facebook Advertisement

Fair Guide Advertising

Cloth Pencil Case

Calendar for 2025


Cloth Fair Bag

Flyers/Brochures Inserts in Cloth Fair Bag

You have a choice of two ads - at modest cost - to help brand your institution and signal your interest in welcoming Vietnamese students to your campus. This opportunity is available to all officially approved high schools and accredited institutions for higher education, regardless of whether they participate in the fair series. 


Color Half Page (at the end of the fair guide) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 106mm] 

US$ 400 

Color Full Page (next to your profile) / [Size/Height 195mm x Width 215 mm] 

US$ 600 


If you have not already done so, it is essential to have your promotional materials translated into Vietnamese. Keep in mind that most Vietnamese parents do not read English and they are the key decision-makers, after all.
We can also arrange to have your promotional materials printed in-country at additional cost. The advantages of in-country printing are convenience (e.g., no problems with Customs) and substantial cost-savings, including printing and shipping. Contact us for details.
A promotional material from your institution will be inserted in every fair bag, including printed 1000 A4 copies of your school information translated into Vietnamese, if you don't already have a Vietnamese version. Maximum of three sponsors.
Sponsorship cost: $700.


We will promote your institution on Capstone's Facebook fanpage and student-facing website with articles and a banner and run a Facebook advertisement (700 clicks) at the cost of $700 USD. If you want to publicize your article in a top online media outlet it will cost an additional $1,250 USD. (This is in addition to the usual marketing and promotion we offer for each participating institution.) 

Online Promotion Via Capstone Channels & Facebook Advertisement

We will produce 2,000 attractive and eco-friendly cloth bags with your institution's name, logo, and website address on the side to be distributed at the fairs and thereafter until the supply runs out. Maximum of two sponsors.
Sponsorship cost: $1,400 per sponsor.


We will produce 1,000 cloth pencil cases to be distributed at the fairs and therafter until the supply runs out. Your institution's name, logo, and website address will appear on the side of these attractive cases, which students will use regularly. Only one sponsor.
Sponsorship cost: $1,500.


The popular "I Love Study Abroad" notebook will be distributed to all fair attendees, at high school visits, and after the fairs until it's time for a reprint. Print run for 2024/25: 5,000.


Notebook Inside Page - 8 sponsors

US$ 800 

Notebook Front/Back cover - 2 sponsors

US$ 1200 

The Capstone calendar will be distributed at the fairs, high school visits, to high school and university partners, and after the fairs. Print run for 2025: 3,000.
Sponsorship cost is $1,000 per month.  



We look forward to welcoming you (back) to Vietnam!

The reasons for having fairs in Hanoi and HCMC are known to most recruiters. They are the two most important urban centers in Vietnam with a combined population of over 15 million. The former is the nation’s political capital while the latter is the country's economic engine. Many families in both cities have both the interest in overseas study and the ability to pay for it.  

Since you’re here, you’ve probably already answered this question to your satisfaction but just in case you or your colleagues need more information and a stronger justification for investing in a fair series, let us know. 

Why Vietnam?

Let us know if you would like information about Haiphong and Danang, which are secondary markets.

Hotline: +84934 644 268
[email protected]

Hanoi Office:
2 Le Quy Don St., Hai Ba Trung Dist.

contact us

Ho Chi Minh City Office:
22 Tran Quy Khoach St., Tan Dinh, Dist. 1


Capstone StudyGlobal Education Fairs in Vietnam

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Capstone Education

is a full-service educational consulting company with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). It was co-founded as Capstone Vietnam in 2009 by Dr. Mark Ashwill, an education entrepreneur and international educator who first traveled to Vietnam in 1996 and has lived here since 2005. Its unique business model addresses the needs of both institutional and individual clients. While the latter refer to parents and students, the former encompass secondary and postsecondary institutions with an interest in Vietnamese student recruitment and other work in Vietnam. The StudyGlobal Education Fairs, offered every fall and spring, are one of our institutional services related to recruitment. Capstone is the only company in Vietnam, and probably the world, that works exclusively with regionally accredited institutions of higher education in the US and officially accredited schools in other countries.

We are pleased to invite you and your institution to join our spring StudyGlobal Education Fairs from March 15-19 in HCMC, Hanoi, and Danang.